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Welcome to The Computer Icon!

Like a lot of people, I love computers. Everything from how they work to all the cool things that you can accomplish with them. The way technology is advancing every day it is hard to keep up with everything and know what is best for YOU. My main goal with this blog is to keep you updated on current issues and things to look out for and of course to comment on fun, new gadgets and applications out there.  I welcome comments and feedback and hope that you forward this to any of your friends that are in need of some genuine computer advice!

The computer field is such a huge world that when you meet someone who just says that they work with computers, it could mean so many different things. A network/systems administrator? A website designer? A technician?  Are they a programmer?

As for me, my main business, The Computer Icon, is both logo and website design AND home and small business computer consulting and repair.

On the logo and website design side I will help you bring your new product or service to market with a beautifully designed logo and website and guide you on next steps on how to get people to visit your site. Or if you want to create a blog to share ideas, recipes, photos or anything that interests you … I am your “go to” person!  I love the creative side of graphic design and our custom-made web and graphic designs are affordable. What makes The Computer Icon unique is our proven ability to achieve the web pages that download quickly, have clean images, and easy site navigation — bringing your desired messages to your target audience with the utmost clarity and impact.

On the computer consulting and repair side, I will help educate users on how to properly and securely use their computers without being compromised. Think about it for a second. We can do almost everything online; from shopping for clothes and gifts and school supplies, downloading music, sharing photographs, paying bills, video conferencing with your friends with Skype, to emailing and blogging. However, because the Internet is so big, there are people out there who will want to take the opportunity to abuse it and prey on the weak people who don’t know any better than to click on every single pop-up or email they receive even if they don’t know who it is from or if it looks like a legitimate company. So I am here to advise and also to learn from others about what is out there.
With this blog, I hope I can help spread the word on how to best use your computer for marketing your products and services to your actual computer use, maintenance and security. In my honest opinion, simply having a computer connected online in this day and age means that it should be mandatory that you, the computer user, should know about both the threats and problems as well as all the wealth of good information on the internet.

My goal is that you will read and visit the sites I recommend so that you walk away with some new and useful information that can be applied to your computing experience in life.

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  1. gina podsen permalink
    August 21, 2010 3:03 pm

    Thanks Computer Icon……A+ for getting my computer back up and running……will pass the good word on!

    • Lynn Leventhal permalink*
      September 10, 2010 10:30 pm

      Thanks for the A+ rating! Anytime — Next is a powerpoint lesson!

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