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The Social Network (Not the movie!) HOW IT CAN WORK FOR YOU

October 18, 2010

Most of us have been using Social Networking websites on daily basis, some to share our interest with friends and groups, others to connect with new people and killing some time online. Do you realize how helpful it can be to your business?

There are as many different online forums and networking sites in the online marketing arena as there are fish in the ocean. For the purpose of clarity, consider Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Flickr as prime examples. In fact, these five steps to creating a consistent brand in social media marketing will apply the same way to every online promotional opportunity from electronic article publication to blogging.

As you often hear saying, social media is about engagement.

Are you already connecting with your customers online?  Do you offer them a link to your social profiles in external networks?  Are you letting them know about this initiatives on your store?  If your answer is “NO” why don’t just start doing this..

1. Decide on a Niche Market
2. Get Connected to the communities and People with related interest and with those who can search for your business
3. Promote New Feeds every day.
4. Draft emails and respond ASAP  — be engaged
5. Start blogging

As people are showing more interest in social networks and blogs so it will prove a great idea to start with social media marketing.

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